Plywood in Interior Design – Tips & Ideas

Plywood has turned out to be one of the trendiest interior design materials. It has been deemed one of the top of the range products for refurbishment work but it’s highly practical and aesthetic features have made it an ideal material for finishing. It is easy to care for, waterproof, can be painted easily. Flexible and it is pleasing to the eye.

Wall and ceilings

Plywood has a very special look to it which makes spectacular finishes when added to walls and ceilings. It has a warm and at the same time a bright color that gives an eye-catching appearance to your interiors. Pairing this material with the right décor is very important. If you are looking to have that contemporary finish, pairing plywood with brick, paint and plaster will give you that perfect match.

For decoration

Due to its flexibility and affordability makes plywood the perfect material for interior décor. You can easily install plywood panels and they do not need a lot of effort in terms of caring for them. You have wooden parts bonded against the plywood. Also, not to forget that plywood can easily be reused. The material was created in the 20th century and it has since gained popularity.

Window finishes

Looking to make your windows more refreshing? Using plywood on your jambs and sills will do the trick. Plywood has a refreshing and non-trivial allure that will have your windows transform to a whole new beautiful thing! Using plywood is not just trendy but practical. It is a bendable material compared to wood and it is easy to use.

Constructive elements

A lot of interior designers are incorporating plywood in interior details. Plywood is now widely used in podiums, wardrobes, staircases and even partitions. Plywood sheets vary in durability and thickness depending on their application. This means that they can withstand huge shock waves.


Shelves are great space savers but they do not have to be so boring and drab. Using plywood on your shelves not only makes them appealing to look at, but they also increase the shelves’ lifespan.

Advantages of using plywood

  • They offer increased stability to the structure
  • Plywood is resistant to high impact. It can withstand cyclonic and seismic activity
  • It does not shrink and it is hard to break

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