Great Ideas for Easter Decorations in Home

Easter will soon be here so there’s no time like the present to prepare for family and guests. Bring Easter into the home with some of these amazing ideas.

Easter Wreath

Create an Easter wreath to hang on your front door. Using egg shells, paint them delicate colours such as blue, pink and yellow. Fix them securely to a round shaped board and tie string around them. Put a couple of ornamental birds in between the eggs and there you have it, a beautiful, seasonal Easter wreath.

Egg Hunt

Hopefully the weather will be warm and pleasant. If you have a good size garden, organise an egg hunt for the children. Take a basket, put chocolate eggs in it and hide them in the garden. Kids will absolutely love hunting for them and of course eating them as they go along.

Use Outdoor Decorations

If you’re having an Easter tea at home and entertaining family, bring outdoor flowers, ferns and twigs into the house. Put them in a vase and use as a table decoration and centrepiece. At this lovely time of year, daffodils, tulips and crocuses are starting to come into flower. Use unique containers like jugs, glass jars or even cups to put them in. They are sure to be a talking point.

Sweet Boxes

Another fabulous idea for Easter decorations is to scatter on your table small boxes containing sweets or chocolates. Tie the boxes with pretty ribbons and each guest will have a lovely memento to take home with them. Why not go all out and hang pretty coloured bunting around the outside of the house too?